This song is about ZOMBIES. Well, kind of. The idea in my head was zombies when I wrote it. You can tell if you pay attention to the lyrics.  But it's also about feeling like you belong to something. Being a part of something.


"When the vital signs are gone, you belong"

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All the noise in my head 
Must have raised the un-dead 
Because they're gathering 'round 
It's a god-awful sound 
When they turn me into 
One of them there's nothing I can do 
I know I told you I won't bite 
Well, I lied 

It may seem like the end 
When you're after your friends 
And the shame that you feel 
When you're hot on their heels 
Could have died where I stood 
Now I'm feeling better than I should 
When the vital signs are gone 
You belong 

You belong in another song 
Hearts begin to pound when they hear that sound 
You belong in another song, oh no


Today's extra is an exclusive acoustic performance of "He Mostly Kept to Himself" from my basement studio!

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